Thursday, August 18, 2011


TSHIRT OF THE WEEK: Proper LB Cement print.

Story: me and my gf at the time was meeting up this guy i met on NT "niketalk" to sell my cali dunk sb. The guy was currently staying in San Diego so i told him to meet up half which was i guess LB? idk i told him to meet at Proper because I have never been there and it was i guess half way hahaha. Anyways I was waitin and I see this car pull up and I see my homie Sean in it so i roll up and say whats up not knowing the guy he was with was the guy i was sellin the shoes too haha. very random. but yeah later on that year i found out he knows one of my good friends that was currently goin to UCSD *another random thing* but yeah. thats my story to this shirt.

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