Tuesday, May 31, 2011


"I found and watched their documentary about them. It is so amazing. The one on the left, his name is 태호 and on the right is his younger brother. 태호 is 11 years old and his brother is 8. Aren’t they lovely? 태호 was born with two legs. He is such a happy kid! Despite what happened, he can do everything by himself. It’s so amazing how God can lead him anywhere. He never complains about his life and he never complains about anything. He always smiles! His brother is also a great kid. Even though he has mental illness issues, he gets so much love from 태호. I was shocked because he never gives up. He never thought about giving up. As a young boy, he already knew that giving up is very useless. This picture is the real Pursuit of Happiness.

So let me ask you a question… WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

If you have extra shoes laying around that you dont wear anymore. Please donate them to help others that can't afford shoes or have no access on getting a pair. RIF Los Angeles takes donations and we make sure it goes to the needy. Thanks.

Love your pets. Adopt! don't buy from those stupid stores you see at the mall.

for every 100 bricks he gets paid 9c cents US


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